Founder Features: The Food Industry

With just one day before the start of the Fellowship for Young Women Entrepreneurs, Open Hands Initiative is proud to continue highlighting some of the Fellowship participants in its second set of “Founder Features.” This week, Open Hands Initiative introduces Lisa Curtis and Malak Jehad Al-Aiekly, two founders passionate about the food, agriculture and commodities industries. During her time … Continue reading Founder Features: The Food Industry

Building Bridges and Opportunity Through Entrepreneurship

Open Hands Initiative, in partnership with the Angel Resource Institute’s Women First Enterprise, has selected twenty of the brightest and most driven Jordanian and American female founders to participate in its “Fellowship for Young Women Entrepreneurs.” The Fellowship, to take place in Amman, Jordan from October 16-24, is the first of its kind – a program … Continue reading Building Bridges and Opportunity Through Entrepreneurship

Citizen Diplomacy & The Power of People-to-People Exchanges

Last week, representatives from 39 states and 42 countries attended the U.S. Summit for Global Citizen Diplomacy. The event marked the first time in 50 years that public and private leaders gathered to discuss “citizen diplomacy”– the efforts of everyday citizens to engage with the world through people-to-people exchanges. More than 500 people attended the … Continue reading Citizen Diplomacy & The Power of People-to-People Exchanges

Stay Connected with Open Hands

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Diplomacy, Literally Speaking

While the 21st century has brought to the world a new era of interconnectedness and openness, what we are learning is that barriers to greater understanding and trust remain. Language, culture, religion, and political differences are just a few of the forces that continue to divide us, within countries and across borders. We can’t advertise … Continue reading Diplomacy, Literally Speaking